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Joint Chiefs Chairman Not Worried About Russian Rhetoric in Syria

Dunford said that, despite Russian threats, the military and diplomatic corps would get the situation under control and warned against hyperbole.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Dunford downplayed worries regarding U.S.-Russia relations in the Middle East at a National Press Club event on Monday.

“For the last eight months, we’ve worked on deconfliction with the Russian Federation and pro-regime forces, through the Russians,” Dunford said. “That has worked very well over the past eight months.”

Dunford pointed to a communications channel between the Russians and U.S. forces that is “still ongoing.”

Following the U.S. shoot-down of a regime aircraft, Russian forces said they will treat any anti-ISIS coalition planes flying west of the Euphrates River as potential targets.

Dunford warned against “hyperbole” during the intensifying relations, saying that the United States and Russia will work through differences in order to defeat ISIS.