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Joint Chiefs Chairman Suggests Everything Is Fine With U.S. And Its NATO Allies

“Some might find this hard to believe…the military to military relationship…has not suffered a bit,” Dunford told the National Press Club.

James Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, suggested on Monday that the relationship between the United States and its NATO allies is fine, despite President Trump’s tough talk directed at the group, during an event at a National Press Club.

“Some might find this hard to believe,” Dunford said, “[but] the military to military relationship … has not suffered a bit,” Dunford told the room.

Dunford cited how he is in constant contact with his NATO counterparts, and that the numerous ongoing operations around the world that the U.S. and NATO are involved in together are examples that the partnership is still working.

“What I would ask you to do when you think about what impact, or where we are with regard to our allies, is look at what we’re doing, not what we’re saying,” Dunford concluded. “What we’re doing across the world, I believe from a coalition and alliance perspective, is pretty effective.”