Jon Ossoff attempts to present himself as a small business owner

By NTK Staff | 04.11.2017 @4:35pm
Jon Ossoff attempts to present himself as a small business owner

Ossoff small business isn't even located in America, and probably doesn't pay taxes here either.

Jon Ossoff, who is running in a special election to represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, presented himself a small business owner during a candidate forum on Sunday.

During the forum. Republican candidate Bruce LeVell asked all the small business owners to raise their hands. Ossoff’s was among the hands that went up.

However, the people of Georgia’s 6th Congressional district might find some facts about Ossoff small business a bit troubling.

Ossoff is a 50 percent stakeholder in Insight TWI, which “produces documentaries focusing on government corruption and conflict around the world.”

The majority of the company’s documentaries have been produced for Al Jazeera English, and focused on African politics.

TWI, like Ossoff himself, isn’t located in America, let alone Georgia’s 6th. Instead, it operates out of Middlesex, England, a suburb of London, meaning that it’s doubtful that TWI pays any taxes in America.

While Ossoff is attempting to present himself as an American small business owner in an effort to empathize with their plight, he carefully left out the fact that his small business isn’t even located in America and probably is not paying any American taxes.

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