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Josh Earnest Implies Russia Caused Clinton to Lose

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest speculated Thursday that alleged Russian hacking of the DNC, and John Podesta, swung the presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor. His comments came into response to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s earlier statement that Russia did not influence the outcome of the election

While at first denying that Russia directly influenced the election by hacking into voting rolls, Earnest said: “For the broader political impact of the hack-and-leak strategy that the Russians implemented, this is a strategy that obviously had a negative effect on the Democratic candidate for president.”

“I haven’t heard anybody come out and say that having John Podesta’s emails leaked on a daily basis every day for the last three weeks leading up to Election Day was good for the Clinton campaign,” Earnest said. “I think you’d be pretty hard-pressed to make that case,” he sarcastically added.