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Joy Behar: Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin Controversies Defensible Because They Attack Trump

The View co-host rushed to the defense of the embattled comedians on Monday.

The View co-host Joy Behar rushed to the defense of Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin in the wake of their controversies on Monday simply because they attack President Trump.

“Bill Maher is one of the good guys in this fight against Trump right now,” Behar said.

Maher had used a racial slur against African-Americans during the broadcast of his show on Friday night.

“Not to deflect from what he said, because he already apologized, but Donald Trump and his people that ran his real estate agency, they actually practiced racism,” she added. “They discriminated against black people in housing.”

Behar was likely referencing a lawsuit from the 1970s against real estate developers across the country. Trump’s company settled the lawsuit “with no admission of guilt.”

“Let’s not lose perspective about comedians and ‘words’ and things that comedians are saying,” Behar said.

The co-host also referenced the Kathy Griffin, saying Griffin’s critics were committing “overkill.”

“Get over it!” Behar said to people perturbed by Griffin’s ISIS-style mock beheading of Trump.