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Kaiser Hit With Major Fines In California

Kaiser Permanente is being forced to pay $2.2 million in fines in California and could face more penalties.

Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson

For the first time since 2000, the California Department of Health Care Services has levied multi-million dollar fines against a Medicaid managed-care plan. Kaiser Permanente will have to pay $2.2 million for failing to provide patient care data to California’s Medicaid program and could face additional penalties. According to California Healthline:

California officials have again slapped health care giant Kaiser Permanente with a multimillion-dollar fine for failing to provide data on patient care to the state’s Medicaid program. … Brooks said additional fines may be imposed depending in part on whether Kaiser’s violations put Medi-Cal out of compliance with federal rules. That could force the state to repay money to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which funds the Medi-Cal program jointly with the state.

Earlier this year, Kaiser Permanente received similar fines. California Healthline reported:

California officials have fined health care giant Kaiser Permanente $2.5 million for failing to turn over required data on patient care to the state’s Medicaid program. The California Department of Health Care Services said this was the first fine imposed against one of its Medicaid managed care plans since at least 2000.

In February, the Department of Justice announced that Kaiser Permanente had paid nearly $1 million to settle allegations of faulty record keeping in Modesto:

Kaiser Foundation Health System Inc. has paid $850,000 to settle allegations that a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy in Modesto violated the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) by improperly filling defective prescriptions and by failing to maintain accurate records, U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced.