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Keith Ellison: Comey Is a Whistleblower, Not a Leaker

The DNC Vice Chair doesn’t think the former FBI Director leaking memos to the press is an issue.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice Chair, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), said that he believes former FBI Director James Comey to be a whistleblower and not a leaker during a panel discussion on ABC’s This Week.

“Donald Trump is no snowflake. He’s no naive person. He’s been around the block. He knows what he’s doing,” Ellison to the panel.

“But, George, I question whether the use of the term leak is appropriate. I see Comey as a whistleblower. I see him as revealing information,” Ellison added. “[Comey’s] admitting it and stepping up to the plate, and said, ‘I wrote the memo, yes, it was me. I’m the one who made sure it got out.’ And he was just making sure that as he is being defamed and his department was, too, that there’s another alternative story.”