Keith Ellison Goes on Factless Rant about President Trump

By NTK Staff | 04.25.2017 @2:07pm

The DNC Vice Chair accused Donald Trump of being a dictator who's working for Russia.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) accused President Trump of being a dictator who was working with the Russian government to destroy American democracy, all while spreading “fake news” about Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch,

These outlandish claims came while Ellison was speaking at the People’s Action “Rise Up” Conference on Tuesday.

“This guy over here, he’s attacking the freedom of the Judiciary….This guy Gorsuch, he couldn’t even get any Democrats to support him, so they don’t change the nominee, they change the rules,” Ellison told the audience.

This isn’t true though as three Senate Democrats joined Senate Republicans in supporting the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

What makes this statement worse is that Ellison followed it by attacking the Trump administration for accusing media outlets like CNN of being “fake news.”

Ellison compared the Trump administration’s attempt to paint certain stories as “fake news” as something that a dictator would do.

“When they attack the press, they’re not just attacking CNN…They’re attacking your right to know when they attack the whole press. Don’t make no mistake about it, it’s not about one press outlet. Every dictatorship wants to control what people learn,” Ellison told the audience.

Ellison followed that up by accusing President Trump of working with the Russian government to destroy American Democracy.

“There’s all kind of evidence coming out that [Trump] has aligned himself with a hostile foreign power to destroy American democracy in our election,” Ellison went on to tell the audience.

There is no evidence to support Ellison’s claim that President Trump worked with the Russian government during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

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