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Kellyanne Conway Destroys Robby Mook

During his interview with the presidential campaign managers, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Conway about some of the controversial comments that Donald Trump made during the election cycle and whether he expressed any regret about it.

“I won’t divulge private conversations, but I will tell you that shortly after I came onboard, Mr. Trump was in North Carolina and gave a speech, and some people in the media referred to it as the regret speech because toward the middle or the end of it he talked about, he expressed regret, that was the word he used. He expressed regret for having offended anyone. He said particularly with my words. That’s a leader, showing humility and inclusiveness and regret to use his word,” Conway told Tapper before pivoting to highlighting Trump outperforming Romney with Hispanics and African-Americans.

“You’ve got the first female presidential candidate, she’s on the cusp of being the first female president. Where are all these women? Where are the marches of women saying we must have the first female? I didn’t see them on Fifth Avenue. I didn’t see them in Washington, D.C,” Conway asked.

“They were volunteering for the campaign,” Mook interjected.

“Well, they didn’t come out and vote for her, though,” Conway quickly retorted.