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Ken Starr: AG Sessions Right to Protect Executive Privilege

The former special prosecutor praised Sessions for protecting the contents of his conversations with the president.

Ken Starr, the former special prosecutor who investigated President Bill Clinton, said on CNN on Thursday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was right to withhold the contents of his conversations with President Trump in his testimony before Congress.

“The attorney general was exactly right. He was protecting executive privilege, but he wasn’t asserting it,” Starr said.

Starr said that the president enjoys the constitutional privilege to protect his conversations with his attorney general, and the attorney general was guarding that right during his testimony.

According to Starr, congressional Democrats were merely trying to embarrass Sessions during the testimony.

“You don’t, as an officer of the Justice Department, reveal your conversations with the president of the United States,” Starr said.

He added that Sessions was on “very solid constitutional ground.”