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Kerry: I Am Happy With Where We Are With ISIS

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum on Thursday.

Moderator Steven Clemons asked Kerry if the Iran Deal was what he was most proud of during his tenure as Secretary of State, Kerry dodged that question saying: “I don’t…I really haven’t stopped, and sort of start to, you know, create a scale of,” before trailing off.

Clemons interjected with another question: “What are you least satisfied with during your tenure?”

“I’m not happy with Syria. I’m very, very dissatisfied with where we are in Syria,” Kerry responded also citing Yemen and Libya as challenges.

But Kerry did say he felt good about where the United States was with regards to ISIS.

However, ISIS doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, despite the Obama administration’s claims. The person responsible for the recent terrorist attack at a Minnesota shopping mall was called a “soldier of the Islamic state” by ISIS.

ISIS continues to wreak havoc overseas, as well. On Tuesday, ISIS claimed responsibility for a bombing in Baghdad that killed at least 17 civilians.

Kerry also lauded getting chemical weapons out of Syria, but just last month the White House condemned Bashar al-Assad’s continued use of chemical weapons in the war-torn nation.