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Lauer Fawned Over How Good Bill Clinton Was At Getting People To Donate To The Clinton Foundation

It has been announced that NBC’s Matt Laure will moderate the first presidential forum between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Shortly after that announcement, the Daily Caller reported, “Lauer is listed as a notable past member on the Clinton Global Initiative’s website.”

Ironically, in 2011 Lauer praised Bill Clinton’s ability to get people to donate to the Foundation:

“I mean you get people to commit to things, to invest money that they perhaps didn’t even think they were going to invest. You know, you put the squeeze on them and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Are you surprised at how good you are at that?”

Bill Clinton briefly paused and said, “It’s easier when there’s no politics involved.”

This exchange likely has new meaning following allegations of pay-for-play involving the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Lauer’s relationship with the Clintons’ extends beyond interviews and donations too, in 2010 Laure attend Bill Clinton’s 64th birthday party.