Leftist Protesters Throw Fit When Police Tell them They Need to Leave

By NTK Staff | 07.10.2017 @3:50pm

The anti-GOP protesters began stamping their feet when Capitol Police told them they needed to leave the hallway.

Screeching and stomping their feet, left-wing protesters threw a fit in the halls of the Capitol on Monday when Capitol Police officers told them that their protest was violating the law and they needed to leave.

Holding signs that read, “Trumpcare Kills,” the protesters sat in a circle in the halls of the Senate office buildings, yelling about the Senate GOP health care bill.

A Capitol Police officer with a bullhorn told the protesters that they would be arrested if they didn’t disperse. In response, one protester began chanting, “We need Medicare!” in the officer’s face. The other protesters soon joined in.

The protesters then began to chant, “Kill the bill!” as they stomped their feet in synchronization with the chant.

The police officer gave the protesters a second warning as a protester waved a sign in the officer’s face.

Eventually, the protesters were escorted out or arrested.

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