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Liberal Commentator Asks to Replace Trump With Kim Jong-Un

Chelsea Handler has such a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that she suggests she would prefer a muderous, communist dictator.

Last night, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un responded to President Trump’s use of the nickname ‘Rocket Man’ in his UN speech this week to describe the North Korean leader. Kim’s response labeled the American president a “dotard,” but the North Korean supreme leader otherwise repeated his usual craziness.

However, Kim’s insults toward Trump were enough to earn him the admiration of liberal commentator Chelsea Handler:

Apparently, Handler, a so-called ‘comedian,’ so despises Trump that she would replace him with a murderous, communist dictator.

Whatever Americans think of the president, no one can accuse Trump of systematically raping children or murdering his own citizens, atrocities that Kim commits on a regular basis. None of this may matter to Handler, who cannot get over the fact that her preferred candidate lost the 2016 election.

Handler is having quite a couple of days. Less than a week ago, she called black Trump supporters “white supremacists.”