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Liberal Groups Will Try to Turn Tax Cuts Into a Boogeyman

While the rest of the country eagerly awaits tax relief, these far-left liberal groups will try to turn it into a bad thing…

Democrat-aligned liberal groups will have their work cut out for them as they try to oppose a GOP effort to reform and simplify the tax code for all Americans.

Before any policy had been announced or debated, groups like Tax March, Americans for Tax Fairness, Citizens for Tax Justice, and MoveOn.org are announcing their plans to oppose policies that allow taxpayers to keep more of their own money:

Progressive organizations are rolling out seven-figure ad buys and organizing grassroots campaigns to battle against GOP proposals to cut tax rates for corporations and the wealthy, a move they say would lead to less funding for Medicare, education, and other government programs.

The campaigns set up a tumultuous next few months for the tax-reform debate, as both sides battle for public opinion on the future of tax policy. The Obamacare-repeal debate resonated with many because the GOP effort would have taken something away: a relatively new entitlement. The challenge for liberal groups is to frame a similar message for tax reform.

These groups argue they will serve a similar role on the left as Americans For Prosperity (AFP) does on the right. That, however, will be a tall order for a series of disparate groups that lack the history and infrastructure of AFP.

The message will also be a tough sell. Liberal groups plan to argue top-earning Americans should not receive any tax relief.

But opposition to tax reform will hurt all taxpayers, in effect keeping money out of their pockets and arguing it would be better spent by the government, which is an odd argument for Democrats, many of whom loathe and do not trust President Trump.