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Liberal Outlets Jump To Attack Trump Labor Pick, Fail to Report Full Story

Left-leaning reporters have shared abuse allegations made against Trump’s Labor pick, but failed to disclose that the accuser has retracted all allegations.

Andy Puzder

Reporters from liberal outlets like Vox, Mic, and The Huffington Post have jumped on a decades-old report that Labor secretary nominee Andy Puzder abused his wife. What neither outlet disclosed, as of this report, is that Puzder’s now ex-wife – they divorced in 1989 – retracted all her allegations in an email sent to Puzder last week.

The Riverfront Times (RFT) has more:

But in a recent email to her ex-husband, [Lisa] Henning — who has since remarried and now goes by a different last name — walked back her claims of abuse.

The email was provided to the RFT by a spokesman for Andrew Puzder this afternoon, soon after this story was initially published.

Dated November 30, 2016, the email references time the couple spent together with their children on Thanksgiving. In it, Henning states flatly, “You were not abusive.”

RFT also has the full email from Puzder’s ex-wife Henning.

As of this report, The Guardian had also not reported Henning’s retraction. The New York Daily News had reported the retraction.