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Liberals Attack DeVos’ Faith in Attempt to Torpedo Her Nomination

Liberals have resorted to low blows against Donald Trump’s Education Department nominee, Betsy DeVos, attacking her Christian faith.

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence

As liberals embrace an all-out war on Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees in 2017, some are resorting to an attack on one nominee’s faith.

The Washington Examiner has more:

A Tuesday op-ed in the New York Times by non-fiction author Katherine Stewart tries to paint Trump’s pick to lead the Education Department, Betsy DeVos, as an extremist who might want to force America’s children into private Christian schools.

…In 2001, DeVos said “changing the way we approach things — in this case, the system of education in the country … may have greater Kingdom gain in the long run.” When Politico ran this quote under the headline “Trump’s education pick says reform can ‘advance God’s Kingdom,'” it sounded as if it were breaking news about her impending agenda, not something she said at a Christian conference 15 years prior.

RedState‘s Joe Cunningham writes that this low blow should be no surprise from the left:

What’s happening here is that they see someone who is not afraid to divert money away from broken, failing schools that won’t improve and instead give it to parents to let them choose where to send their children. It empowers families to take control of their children’s education. Many of these parents end up using that money to send their kids to private, Christian-oriented schools, which is what really drives them insane.

Cunningham notes that the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the liberal New Yorker, are also on the attack. It seems that Democrats will not rule any character attack against Trump’s nominees as Senate hearings approach.