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Liberals Heckle GOP Congressman for Talking About Daughter’s Death

Left-wingers taunted Tom MacArthur for discussing his daughter’s health problems at a town hall.

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) faced jeers and taunts from the audience at a town hall while discussing his daughter’s health issues and death.

When MacArthur brought up the subject of his daughter, audience members began stirring and one woman in the audience screamed, “shame!” at the New Jersey congressman.

“Shame on you,” MacArthur responded to the woman.

The woman repeated MacArthur’s statement back to him.

“We’ve heard this story,” another woman complained. “We’ve heard your canned response,” a woman said later.

MacArthur recounted the heartbreaking story while one attendee interjected, “write a book!”

As the congressman wrapped up his story, attendees screamed at him for saying that he cared about health care.

MacArthur asked the audience to have respect for one another, at which point an attendee yelled out an interruption, asking MacArthur to tell another constituent to “shut up.”

MacArthur’s daughter, Gracie, passed away at the age of 11, after health issues throughout her whole life. MacArthur authored an amendment that helped the GOP health care bill pass the House.