Liberals’ Latest Hero Has Warmed Up to Trump and is Taking on Labor Unions

By NTK Staff | 07.17.2017 @2:28pm
Liberals’ Latest Hero Has Warmed Up to Trump and is Taking on Labor Unions

He won liberal hearts in an election this spring. Now, he's warming up to Donald Trump (with a 25-second handshake) and taking on Big Labor.

Emmanuel Macron’s win in France’s presidential election this May inspired cheering from American liberals like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Hillary Clinton, and Obama adviser Ben Rhodes.

It seemed, at times, like American liberals and Democrats, desperate for an electoral win since 2016, latched on to Macron’s triumph as a proxy victory of sorts, given Macron ran on an unabashed pro-EU and pro-globalism platform.

Fast forward two months, though, and some American liberals may be having buyers’ remorse.

On at least two fronts, Macron has taken actions that most Democrats in 2017 would find appalling.


First, something that would land any American Democrat on the blacklist: Macron has embraced Donald Trump – literally and figuratively.

The former came in the hand of an epic, awkward, 25-second handshake between Macron and Trump as they parted ways in France last week:

Adam Gopnik, a columnist for the liberal New Yorker, asked last week: “Why Is Emmanuel Macron Being So Nice to Donald Trump?” He provides part of the answer: Macron is not who American liberals think he is.


Indeed, it looks like Macron’s first big push as president will be to reform … French labor laws.

Macron is taking on French unions – which have contributed to France’s economic decline – in a way that would make Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proud.

Bloomberg reports:

President Emmanuel Macron won support from the International Monetary Fund for his strategy of labor market reform and deficit cutting.

“The government’s ambitious reform program could go a long way in addressing France’s longstanding economic challenges—persistent fiscal imbalances, high unemployment, and weak external competitiveness,” the IMF said Monday in an annual report on the country.

Embracing Trump, taking on Big Labor … is this the Emmanuel Macron that Hillary Clinton imagined when she celebrated his win in May?

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