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Los Angeles Covers Up Columbus Statue to Celebrate ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’

California’s largest city not only changed the name of Monday’s holiday, but appears intent on erasing all references to the explorer.

In an apparent attempt to disregard American history, the city of Los Angeles covered up a statue of Christopher Columbus to celebrate the city’s first “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

A local CBS reporter on the scene showed that the city had covered the statue of the explorer with a white sheet and blocked it off with a chain-link fence.

“There’s been an online petition to have this [statue] brought down,” reporter Kara Finnstrom said.

She noted that other Columbus statues had been vandalized and referenced police protection surrounding New York’s statue.

In August, the Los Angeles City Council voted to replace Columbus Day with ‘Indigenous Peoples Day.’ Several other cities and local government jurisdictions have taken similar steps to protest the legacy of Columbus.