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Lynch Dodges On Whether FBI Director James Comey Impacted The Election

On Thursday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch sat down with Politico’s Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman for an exit interview.

Palmer and Sherman asked Lynch about FBI Director James Comey’s impact on the presidential election by through the letter he sent Congress regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server just days before Election Day.

“I’ll have to leave that to the analysts and pundits to review,” Lynch told Palmer. “What I can say about the whole matter is that throughout the consideration of the investigation that was under discussion there, we took great steps to try and make sure the independent team of career prosecutors and agents were able to do your work freely without any interference from anyone, really. And [to] just make their recommendation, and we reported those out.”

“Do you wish, though, he hadn’t said anything or do you have any thoughts about that?” Sherman asked.

Lynch replied, “You know, I don’t go back at this point. I think we have to look and see what have we learned from that, in terms of handling matters going forward.”

Sherman asked if the Department of Justice was going to conduct an after action report about how the investigation into Hillary Clinton was treated.

“I wouldn’t go into what we’re doing in terms of reports or writings or discussions. I don’t do that in general. So I won’t comment on that for this matter as well,” Lynch responded.

It should be noted that during the investigation, Lynch held a private meeting aboard her plane with former-President Bill Clinton that was widely reported on, it would be interesting to see how that affected the work of those investigating Clinton’s email practices.