Man Dressed as Pikachu Tries Breaking into the White House

By NTK Staff | 10.19.2017 @1:53pm
Man Dressed as Pikachu Tries Breaking into the White House

Secret Service quickly shut down the incursion.

Secret Service has “gotta catch ’em all,” as Pokemon may now be laying siege to the White House. A man in a Pikachu costume tried to jump the barriers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday morning before being stopped by Secret Service agents, CNN reported.

According to the report, Curtis Combs, a Kentucky native, tried to scale the fence before being caught:

According to the police report, Combs told officers he was unarmed before climbing the fence and ignoring signs that marked the area as restricted. He ignored multiple commands to stop climbing.

Before scaling the fence, Combs dropped a backpack which was investigated by bomb technicians before eventually getting cleared by police. Combs was not known to law enforcement, court documents say.

The move appeared to be a stunt, as “Combs told Secret Service agents he wanted to be famous and hoped to accomplish that by jumping the White House fence in a Pikachu outfit and posting it to YouTube.”

The secret service prevented Combs from completing the video.

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