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Meet the Woman Responsible for Creating a Network of Over 1 Million Young Conservative Women

Amanda Owens started Future Female Leaders as an anonymous Twitter account, and it has grown into a community for young conservative women.

Amanda Owens started Future Female Leaders (FFL) as an anonymous Twitter account while she was in college in 2012. Since then it has grown into a network of over a million young conservative women.

“I actually stumbled upon it,” Owens said about the founding of FFL. “I was senior in college. It was the 2012 election…and I found out that college campuses can be a hostile environment for conservatives.”

“I wanted a place where I could share my perspectives while I was growing confidence in my beliefs. I created an anonymous Twitter account, and that was the beginning of FFL,” Owens explained.

She said that when she started the anonymous account, it was never her intention to create an organization for young conservative women.

“What I found was it was connecting and resonating with a lot of other young women on college campuses that tended to be a little more conservative,” Owens said of the FFL handle.

After graduating college in 2013, Owens decided to focus her attention exclusively on FFL and growing the organization that she had “stumbled upon.”

In 2014, Owens launched FFL’s website, which averages 2.5 monthly page views a month and has roughly 120 young women contributors who write for the site, according to Owens.

The most impressive part of FFL’s network is undoubtedly its reach. According to Owens when FFL activates its network of cabinet members and contributors to the site, FFL can reach 1.5 million directly on social media.

“What we have found is people are coming to us. We aren’t actively recruiting and finding young women to join our cause, people are coming to us craving this next wave of young conservative women,” Owens said about FFL’s community growth.

So what’s next for Owens and her network of young conservative women?

Owens says FFL is going to focus heavily on registering young conservative women to vote to help Republican candidates get elected in the 2018 midterm elections.