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Mick Mulvaney: Big Bird Will Get a Pretty Big Tax Cut in Trump’s Budget

The Budget Director said that the president’s budget would encourage innovation and creativity.

Director of the Office of Budget Management Mick Mulvaney pushed back on criticism of President Trump’s budget at a congressional hearing on Wednesday, pointing out that the creators of Sesame Street would see their tax burden decreased.

“Big Bird actually does get a fairly large tax cut,” Mulvaney said, responding to comments from Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA).

“And we want him to because Henson Associates that owns Big Bird has paid the highest corporate tax rate in the world for the last several years,” he added.

Mulvaney argued that Henson Associates should have “more money to reinvest in that type creativity that created Big Bird in the first place.”

“We believe that Henson Associates is a lot more creative than we are,” he said.

Trump’s budget proposals had been criticized for cutting funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which had run the famous show Sesame Street for decades.