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Mike Barnicle: Americans No Longer See the Presidency as Legitimate

Political commentator Mike Barnicle declared that the American people no longer revered the position of the presidency, and find it delegitimized because Donald Trump now holds the office, during a panel discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday.

The panel was discussing the level of credibility that Trump administration currently has with the American people, following some questionable tweets by President Trump.

“You can make a strong case, I think that the effort to delegitimize the presidency began during Clinton presidency. And it [has] continued through Bush presidency, the Obama presidency,” Barnicle told the panel.

Barnicle went on to say: “But this presidency, you can make a case, I think, for one additional step. In addition to delegitimizing the presidency among political people, largely that occurred, now the delegitimization of the presidency is taking hold within the country. Within ordinary people looking at the presidency, a position they once revered and held on a higher pedestal. Now it’s like: Trump’s president? Really?”