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Missile Defense Dir: It Is Our Assumption that North Korea Can Reach the U.S. with a Nuke Today

“We are not comfortable ahead of the threat,” North Korea poses to the United States, Admiral Syring declared on Wednesday.

Missile Defense Agency Director, Navy Vice Admiral James Syring, told the House Armed Services Committee that the United States is under the assumption that “North Korea can range the United States with an ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead.”

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) asked Admiral Syring if the United States’ Ballistic Missile Defense System is staying ahead of the threat that North Korea poses or is the threat moving faster than the United States’ preparedness.

“I would not say we are comfortably ahead of the threat. I would say we are addressing the threat that we know today, ” Syring told Rogers.

Syring then explained how the advancements North Korea has made in its nuclear weapons program in the past six months are of great concern.

“It is incumbent upon us to assume that North Korea today can range the United States with an ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead,” Syring concluded. “Everything that we are doing plans for that contingency. And in addition to looking ahead to what might be developed, what is possible over the next five to ten years.”