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Mo Brooks Is Now Fundraising Off of the Alexandria Shooting

After promising not to use the shooting for political gain, Brooks has released an ad centered around the shooting and is now fundraising off the shooting.

After promising not to use the Alexandria, VA shooting for political gain, Rep. Mo Brooks’ (R-AL) on Wednesday sent out a fundraising email to suporters that touts his role in the aftermath of the shooting and asks for $50,000.

On the day that House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was released from the hospital after being severely wounded by injuries sustained during the shooting in June, Brooks sent a fundraising email to supporters asking for $50,000 so that his controversial ad, “Second Amendment,” could continue airing.

Both the creation of the “Second Amendment” ad, which uses audio from the Scalise shooting, and Brooks’ fundraising email about the ad go against his previous statements that he would not use the shooting for political gain.

Below is a screenshot of the fundraising email Brooks sent to supporters:

Brooks’ use of the shooting for political gain is just one of the Alabama Senate candidate’s questionable decisions this week, however.

The House passed legislation on Monday to help the Capitol Police officers injured during the shooting. Brooks elected to skip the vote so that he could campaign, according to the Washington Examiner.