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Mook Falsely Claims The Clinton Foundation Disclosed All Donors

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook appeared on ABC’s The View to talk about the first presidential debate. The View’s panel was able to ask Mook about the Clinton Foundation, something debate moderator Lester Holt did not do.

“Let me ask you this question: is all the information on the donations been made clear? I mean, everybody has seen it?” Whoopi Goldberg asked Mook.

“All the donations are public,” Mook responded.

Goldberg followed that questions up by asking, “They know where the donations went, who they came from, what they did. So those are not in question? That’s all there? All their money that she’s earned, it’s all where it came from.”

“It’s all public. Yep, yep,” Mook told Goldberg.

Mook’s assertion is not accurate; there are multiple examples of the Clinton Foundation failing to disclose all it donors publicly.