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Mook Gets Pressed On Clinton Audio

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press to discuss the state of the race. Host Chuck Todd asked Mook about the recently released audio, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, of Clinton seemingly mocking Bernie Sanders supporters at a fundraiser.

In the audio, Clinton describes Sanders’ supporters as kids that are mostly still living in their parents’ basements. Todd asked Mook if that was meant to be an insult for Sanders’ supporters.

“She was talking about young people that she’d met who were frustrated that they graduated from college and went into an economy where they couldn’t find the job they wanted,” Mook told Todd, who noted that the people Clinton was talking to laughed at these remarks.

“Well, when I listened to it, I didn’t hear it that way at all.” Mook replied. “I heard her reflecting the things that she’s hearing when she’s out campaigning.”