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Mook Yet Again Can’t Answer A Question About Hillary Clinton’s “No-Fly Zone” Policy

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook probably won’t be going back on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” anytime soon. Mook struggled to adequately answer any of the questions that the panel asked him.

NBC’s Willie Geist seemed determined to get Mook to answer something and squeezed in a final question about whether Clinton still supports no-fly zones in Syria.

“I’m going to let her statements speak for themselves,” Mook responded to Geist while trying to suppress his laughter.

“Robby aren’t you here representing her point of view?” Geist asked.

“I am indeed, and I am going to let her language speak for itself,” Mook replied.

“You’ve been saying that Donald Trump won’t say what the policy is, but here you are not telling us what the policy is,” a visibly frustrated Geist countered.