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More Democrats Sound Off On Need For Full Time Chair, Hampering Ellison Bid

Former Clinton aide and DNC Communications Director Karen Finney suggested to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that a full-time DNC chair is “critical.”

On Tuesday morning’s New Day, former DNC Communications Director Karen Finney suggested to Chris Cuomo that the DNC chairmanship is a full-time gig. This hampers the candidacy of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who has not said if he would step down from Congress to serve as DNC chair.

Finney told Cuomo: “I was there for four years with Howard Dean when, in the Bush presidency. And it was critical that he was a full-time chair. I’m just saying that out of having been there, and experience, and particularly when you don’t have the White House. So, I think that’s a critical piece.”

Ellison’s refusal to commit to a full-time chairmanship has been a line of attack from potential opponent Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Buckley also suggested the DNC set up a co-chair structure, allowing one person to be a spokesman while another runs the day-to-day.