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Morning Joe Bashes the Media for Bias

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough blasted members of the media for their inherent bias towards Democrats during a Morning Joe discussion about Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) skipping Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“Why is it that we can explain any Democrat, and explain a statement that’s maybe untrue or inappropriate, and explain it away and finally understand and translate for them, and yet we cherry-pick Trump’s statements?” Brzezinski asked the panel.

Brzezinski went on to say, “we decipher Democrats and make them sound great, and we make Republicans sound like complete – the word that we won’t use.”

Joe Scarborough chimed in: “The press’s job probably should have been: talk about how John Lewis is a hero for our time, and is a saint as Andrew Young said. And yet what he said, what he said about Trump being illegitimate because Russia was actually not borne out by the facts, the objective facts.”

Scarborough then went off on the press not doing its job: “There’s a lot of cherry picking going on right now, and the press just needs to do their jobs. And stop writing sanctimonious op-eds about what the press should do. No, just do your blanking job. And just give people the facts, and stop feeling like you are on a crusade. Do your job. Report the facts. Provide context. Provide history. Let voters decide.”