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Morning Joe Panel Paints A Bleak Future For The Democratic Party

MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussed the problems facing the Democratic Party Thursday morning and where the party goes following its stunning elections defeats.

Host Joe Scarborough pointed out that Democrats have been, “bleeding out at every level” and reminded him of General Motors (GM) before the economic crash in 2008.

“The fact is only 11 Democrats hold governorships. There are fewer Democrats in the House of Representatives than there have been in almost a century. They have been absolutely battered in the United States Senate. They’ve lost over 900 legislative seats, Donny Deutsch, over the past six years statewide. This is a party that’s been bleeding out at every level other than the top level, the presidency,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough went on to ask panelist Donny Deutsch if the Democratic Party is where GM was in 2008 they have no new ideas.

Deutsch agreed with Scarborough’s comparison and went a step further pointing to the average age of the Democratic leadership.

“It is about age. You know, when the average age of the leadership is 75, I don’t care if it’s a television network, an advertising agency, a movie studio, at 75 years-old when that’s the think tank you’re looking at the world differently, ideas are not new for the most part at 75, so there’s an issue with the age.”

Hillary Clinton supporter Steven Rattner’s outlook on the future of the Democratic Party was exceptionally bleak, saying, “It’s very hard to see where the next generation of Democrats is coming from.”