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Morning Joe Panel Very Critical of Anti-Trump Protests

The panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe was highly critical of anti-Trump protests that are occurring across America’s college campuses.

NBC’s Wilie Geist reported on the violent protests that erupted at NYU on Thursday night over Vice Media’s co-founder speaking at the school. The protests resulted in 11 people being arrested.

The Weekly Standard‘s Larry O’Connor said of the protest, “This is ridiculous. And Democrats, by their silence, the left by their silence, they’re getting locked in with this.”

“To the American people’s eyes, to citizens across this country, they see opposition to Trump and opposition to conservative values as violent thugs. That’s not a good thing,” O’Connor concluded.

“It is reprehensible we don’t allow people to come on college campus and speak,” former Democratic Representative Harold Ford Jr. said of the protests.

Ford Jr. went on to say about the Democratic Party as a whole, “If we don’t understand and appreciate this, we will not only be left behind but find ourselves not in power for a long time. “