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Morning Joe Slams The Clintons For Their Comments About The Election

“Has he no shame?” Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked in response to former President Bill Clinton’s recent comments on the 2016 election results. “[H]e proved decades ago that he didn’t,” Scarborough said, referring to Clinton’s behavior during impeachment hearings.

President Clinton recently criticized Donald Trump, saying Trump was elected by “angry, white men,” comparing his larger 1992 electoral victory with Trump’s, and blaming his wife’s loss on a “post-truth era where facts don’t matter.”

“If Hillary Clinton would have carried the same people Barrack Obama carried among these ‘angry white men,’ she would have been elected,” Scarborough pointed out and later tweeted:

“It’s time for the Clintons to go home,” MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin added.

“It’s again more of the same where the Democrats aren’t facing the facts that the past 8 years have been disastrous for them nationwide,” Scarborough said of the 2016 election in the context of the past four election cycles. “The Democrats not only lost at the top, but they have been wiped out. There is no bench. They’ve lost 900 legislative seats across the country. They’ve lost the Senate. They’ve lost 60 seats in the House,” Scarborough continued about Democrats’ electoral woes.

Halperin pointed out that “none of [the Democratic leadership] see [modernization] as their primary responsibility.”