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MSNBC Baffled That Cheryl Mills Gets Away With What She Does

Following the Labor Day news dump of the FBI notes from their interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her use of private email server, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Lawrence O’Donnell both expressed bewilderment that former Clinton State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills was allowed to sit in on Clinton’s interview with the FBI.

“I cannot believe she gets away with what she gets away with year in and year out,” Scarborough said of Mills.

O’Donnell also expressed disbelief at Mills being in the room with Clinton while the FBI interviewed her.

“Cheryl Mills is one of the principals–investigators would call her a suspect at that point–what is she doing in the interview with Hillary Clinton?” O’Donnell asked.

In addition to formerly serving as Clinton’s chief of staff, Mills is currently a member of Clinton’s personal legal counsel.