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MSNBC Commentator: The Word ‘Trump’ is ‘Modern Day Swastika’

Dean Obeidallah is blaming anti-Muslim activities on the president.

Political commentator Dean Obeidallah said on MSNBC on Monday that “the word ‘Trump’ is becoming a modern day swastika.”

According to Obeidallah, mosques have been vandalized with swastikas and the name of the president.

“We’ve had the word ‘Trump’ written on mosques in New Jersey, Iowa, and New York,” he said. “For some, the word ‘Trump’ is becoming a modern day swastika.”

Obeidallah also seemed to pin violence against mosques on the president. “Since January, we’ve had five mosques burned down in America by arson,” he said.

Nazi Germany used the swastika as its symbol as it instilled terror and murder across Europe.