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MSNBC Highlights The Collapse Of The Democratic Party Under President Obama

Next week, President Obama will deliver his farewell address to the nation in Chicago, IL. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” took time on Tuesday to examine President Obama’s legacy.

While some within the Democratic Party will tout Obama’s policy accomplishments, the panel on “Morning Joe” couldn’t hide the fact that under President Obama the Democratic party has collapsed.

Steven Rattner points out that when Obama took office in 2009 Democrats had 256 House Representatives. Now, they have 187. In the Senate, Democrats held 58 seats in 2009. Now, they have only 46. In 2009, they had 29 governors. Now, there are only 16.

On the Democratic governorship, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough remarked, “That is the most, I think, devastating because that’s going to impact redistricting as we move forward to 2020 which impacts the blue charts and the House…”

Rattner went on to point out that Democrats “have lost over 900 seats in state legislatures. The percentage of state legislators who are Republican has gone from 44 to 58 percent over the last eight years.”

“And in terms of the Governors – not just in terms of redistricting – but it means they have no bench,” Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin told the panel.