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MSNBC is Very Confident All of Trump’s Nominees Will Be Confirmed

On Thursday. MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussed President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees and their chances of confirmation. The panel was united in saying that Trump’s nominees eventually all get confirmed.

Democrats have been raising issues with several of Trump’s nominees, but the Moring Joe panel didn’t seem to think it would prevent any of the nominees from being confirmed.

Former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN) praised Trump’s pick for State, Rex Tillerson: “[He] is a successful guy, a smart guy. He has negotiated great deals on behalf of Exxon, on behalf of employees there, shareholders. And if he’s now gonna take that skillset and work on behalf of the country, I think the country could be well served by that.”

As for Trump nominee’s for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, Politico‘s Jake Sherman said: “I could even see someone like [Sen. Joe] Manchin [D-WV] supporting Sessions, and I think Manchin and Sessions have met and Manchin has said nice things about him.”

“Let’s be honest, Joe. The reality is, it’s almost certain that every one of these nominees will be confirmed. Some will have a rougher time than others,” Bloomberg‘s Mark Halperin concluded. “The Trump team has put very professional, skilled sherpa teams around all these nominees. As Harold said, they’re all gonna be, including Tillerson, very well prepared.”