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MSNBC: It Doesn’t Seem Like Jon Ossoff Has a Personality

The panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” bashed Georgia congressional candidate Jon Ossoff for not having a personality during a panel discussion on Friday.

“So let me ask you about that guy, that guy running down in Georgia that looks like he’s an extra on Warren Beatty’s Reds, that Ossoff guy. He doesn’t seem like he has a personality,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough told the panel.

NBC’s Kasie Hunt confirmed Scarborough’s assessment that Ossoff lacks a personality telling the panel, “I had trouble getting him to show it when we had our conversation, I will say that I had trouble getting him to kind of show his personality.”

Democrats attempted to make the special election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District a national referendum on President Trump and spent millions in the failed the attempt. Now Democrats are openly bashing Ossoff for being a poor candidate and wasting the party’s limited resources on an unwinnable race.