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MSNBC: It’s Sad How Hillary Clinton Is Dealing With This Election

Responding to Hillary Clinton’s comments about her failed presidential campaign, an MSNBC panel called her handling of the loss “sad.” Clinton has recently blamed FBI Director Comey, and Russian hacking, for her defeat in November.

Morning Joe panelist Mike Barnicle said “[t]his is a sad way to step off the stage” for Secretary Clinton. Barnicle added that Clinton’s main problem, even more than the email saga, was “she went to the country with really no story…she had no narrative to tell.”

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters slammed Clinton’s “utter incapability for self-examination.” These accusations, Peters said, helps the Democratic Party “avoid the tough questions about why they lost and how they alienated such a large block of voters that they needed to win.”

Joe Scarborough pointed to not just the presidency, but also down-ballot seats in the House, Senate and state houses, saying of the Democrats: “This is a party that right now is not connected with middle America.” Scarborough called Democrats’ lack of self-examination in the post-election world “stunning.”

Scarborough identified Senator Ron Johnson’s successful reelection bid as proof of “how far the [Democratic] [P]arty has fallen.”