MSNBC National Security Analyst: Christopher Wray is Qualified to Be FBI Director

By NTK Staff | 07.12.2017 @10:09am

Jeremy Bash cited Wray's legal pedigree and professional experience as reasons why Wray is qualified to be FBI Director.

MSNBC National Security Analyst, Jeremy Bash on Wednesday said that President Trump’s nominee to serve as FBI Director, Christopher Wray, is qualified to be FBI Director.

“Let’s not forget the President of the United States is currently under federal investigation for obstruction of justice for firing the FBI Director, for firing the individual who Christopher Wray is now being nominated to replace,” Bash noted, highlighting the unusual circumstances in which Wray was nominated.

“So if this were any ordinary hearing, Chris Wray has the legal pedigree, he has the professional experience and the resume, and he’s qualified to be FBI director,” Bash said.

“But this is no ordinary hearing, and most of the questions I expect from the dais will be about whether or not the president, in interviewing Chris Wray, asked for an oath of loyalty,” Bash concluded. “Whether or not [Trump] spoke to [Wray] about the investigation, and whether Chris Wray can really be an impartial investigator of the president and the inner circle’s conduct.”

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