MSNBC: North Carolina Voters Aren’t Ready to Abandon Donald Trump

By NTK Staff | 05.18.2017 @12:21pm

A reporter found voters in Lincoln County, NC would still support Trump over Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC’s Garrett Haake traveled to Lincoln County, North Carolina to ask voters what they thought about the recent reports regarding President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and firing FBI Director James Comey during his investigation of that matter. Haake found that many of the voters there are sticking by Trump.

Lincoln Count is a reliably Republican county located just outside of Charlotte, NC.

“Donald Trump won this county with about 70 percent of the vote, and based on the folks I was talking to this morning, he would probably win again by about that same margin,” Haake said.

Haake noted that some Republicans in the county view the recent events as a “pile-on” by Democrats and the media, and that other Republicans would still support Trump over Hillary Clinton.

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