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MSNBC: President Trump Has Improved Relationships With The Middle East

Trump’s focus on Iran is something that has gained support from countries like Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

Ahead of a major speech by President Trump in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, MSNBC’ Ali Vitali commented on how there is a lot more synergy between the United States and Saudi Arabia under President Trump’s leadership compared to President Obama.

Vitali was asked if the U.S. relationship with Middle Eaters countries like Saudi Arabia has turned around under President Trump’s leadership in the region compared to President Obama.

“Well, definitely, you see it, you saw it from yesterday, even with just the celebratory scene he had at the airport and all of the kind of pomp and circumstances surrounding yesterday’s events,” Vitali responded. “You did see a lot of excitement from the part of the Saudi government in welcoming [Trump] and receiving him.”

Vitali continued, “You are seeing a lot of synergy between these two governments, and I think that when you compare that to the Obama administration a lot of it has to do with the Trump administration and the President’s specific rhetoric on countries like Iran. Saudi Arabia is, of course, concerned about Iran, as the United States has expressed its position from the Trump administration. That really is a point of connectivity for these two governments that you want to look at and consider.”

Vitali concluded by commenting on how you are seeing a lot of outreach from President Trump in the Middle East with a focus on building a personal relationship with leaders in the region.