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MSNBC Sits Down With Actors and Activists to Discuss President Trump’s First 100 Days

MSNBC decided to conduct a focus group that consisted of Hollywood actors, activists, and a former politician to discuss President Trump’s first 100 days. The group was billed as the “heart of today’s Democratic base.”

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing sat down with a focus group that included actors Richard Schiff and Christopher Gorham, activists Angela James and Deena Katz, and former California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

It’s almost comical that this is the group that MSNBC decided to highlight as “heart of today’s Democratic base,” leaving out entirely the voice of working-class voters who the Democratic Party failed to appeal to in 2016.

This segment will do nothing to help the perception that the Democratic Party is a coastal party that only consists of liberal elitists. Tomorrow, MSNBC will sit down with Michigan working-class voters who voted for President Trump.