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MSNBC: Trump White House Faces Unprecedented Leaking

Hans Nichols said that he had never seen a White House leak in the way the Trump White House had.

MSNBC Political Reporter Hans Nichols said, after two shocking reports from The New York Times and The Washington Post broke Friday, that President Trump’s White House has faced an unprecedented amount of leaking.

“President Trump is dealing with something that other presidents haven’t necessarily had to deal with and that is a remarkable amount of leaking within his own administration,” Nichols said.

“I’ve covered the previous two presidents,” Nichols said. “You just didn’t get read outs of things the president of United States was saying not in real time, but at least 10, 12 days later. You had to wait weeks, if not months, years for that to come out.”

“There are folks in the White House that are leaking things that are not adventageous to the president, and that’s just something he’s going to have to deal with,” Nichols concluded.