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MSNBC: Trump Won Big In Areas With High Opioid Use

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton supporter and MSNBC contributor Steve Rattner appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss why Donald Trump won the election.

Rattner was attempting to explain how Trump performed better in economically challenged areas of America via opioid abuse in the country.

“Trump Won Big In Areas With High Opioid Use” was the title of the graph Rattner used on Morning Joe.

“If you look in the industrial Midwest for example, you can see that Trump’s margin over what Romney got four years ago was 16.7 percentage points in the counties with highest amount of drug and opioid use,” Rattner informed the panel.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough seem to sense that Rattner was going off the rails and interjected, “People that said, hey, Trump won Obama voters because everybody was on heroin when they voted. You’re not suggesting that. I just want to let my viewers know that what you’re saying is that economically disadvantaged areas that are struggling voted for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary more than Hillary Clinton.”

“I’m not suggesting they voted for him because they’re on drugs but it was connected to a range of socioeconomic factors,” Rattner responded.