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MSNBC: Trump’s Syria Strike Has Put Russia on the Defensive

NBC News’ Global Correspondent, Bill Neely, reported that President Trump’s recent strike in Syria had set the Kremlin off-balance and changed the narrative surrounding Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s upcoming visit to Moscow.

“We did think that [this meeting] would be the preliminary meeting before the summit, maybe in the summer, between Presidents Trump and Putin, that on the table would be Ukraine, NATO, U.S. sanctions, Iran, Libya, and yes, Syria,” Neely said.

“Instead, what’s going to be on the table is sarin gas, dead children, [and] cruise missiles,” Neely reported. “Because that U.S. missile strike on the Syrian airbase has changed everything.”

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, charged the Trump administration with lacking a strategy in Syria, according to Neely.

However, Zakharova’s statement indicated that the Kremlin’s inability to discern Trump’s intentions in the Middle East has caused anxiety among the Putin regime. Neely reported that Zakharova said, “The only thing that was predictable about the U.S. at the minute is that it is totally unpredictable.”