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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Destroys Democratic Senator Over President Trump’s Immigration Ban

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to task over President Trump’s executive action halting refugees from seven countries from entering the United Sates.

Matthews asked Klobuchar we can predict where the next terrorist attack is going to come from, pointing out that some of the countries on Trump’s list are dangerous places that harbor terrorist groups.

“You do everything. You use every tool you can from the vetting process,” Klobuchar told Mathews.

Matthews followed up by asking Klobuchar, “Isn’t that the president call? Isn’t it the president’s essential call? If this were Barack Obama, wouldn’t you trust him to decide where threats are coming from? If it were Obama?”

“But Barack Obama did upgrade the vetting process, and we have done a number of things,” Klobuchar responded.

Matthews, sensing that Klobuchar was attempting to dodge his question, pointed out that President Obama himself had focused on those seven countries specifically as well.

Klobuchar proceeded to not answer the question but rather attack the Trump administration.