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MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace Grills Jon Ossoff About His Celebrity Support

Jon Ossoff struggled to defend the support he has received from celebrities.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace pressed Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff during an interview on Monday over the considerable support his campaign has received from celebrities.

Wallace asked Ossoff if the celebrities that have endorsed Ossoff understand the daily struggles of people in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

“Do you think Hillary Clinton’s failure with some of the biggest and brightest celebrities by her side, and Jay-Z and Beyonce, do you think it’s smart to have all these celebrities on your side?”

“I don’t honestly think voters care,” Ossoff told Wallace.

Wallace interjected, asking Ossoff why he would have them campaign for him if their support doesn’t matter.

“The campaign is focused on the issues of concern to voters here in the Sixth District, and whether it’s politicians from Washington or from celebrities across the country,” Ossoff responded.

“I don’t disagree with you, sir, but if it’s not what animates people in Georgia, why associate your campaign with something that – we know that it failed for Hillary Clinton,” Wallace interjected. “Why not learn one of the lessons of her failed candidacy and ask celebrities to stay away from your race?”